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This website is dedicated to my all-time favorite soap couple, M.J. McKinnon & Adam Cory (played by Sally Spencer and Ed Fry) in the series Another World. There’s also some Donna Love & Michael Hudson (played by Anna Stuart then Philece Sampler and Kale Browne).

MJ and Adam:

Adam embracing 
			MJ from behind with her hands resting over his both with serious 
Why they are the best: They were real, not glamorous, not perfect…just honest, hardworking people. Okay, okay, so he was the nephew of a publishing magnet and she was a reluctant prostitute turned cop…it was a soap opera, after all! But they dealt with their jobs, their families, and their relationship in a realistic way. They had some great storylines - they were both police officers, so they did a lot of investigating… Cass’ disappearance, the Bay City Stalker, her “dead” mother’s return and its aftereffects, etc. And unlike other programs, they actually followed police procedures, scrutinized evidence and even caught people! And when her past finally came out the day of their wedding you could feel their anguish. He was justifiably upset, but, although heartbroken, she didn’t take the easy way out. In spite of the fact that he told the guests that calling off the wedding was his idea, she insisted on forcing her family to accept the truth. The road to reconciliation took time, not because of her past, but because of the broken trust. In the end, he forgave her much more easily than she forgave herself.

Favorite Moment: The night Zane was killed, them sitting in his car in front of her house and Adam asking M.J. out for the first time just after their first kiss. It was poignant, funny, and romantic.

And they lived happily ever after… raising their children in Minneapolis. M.J. continued running her parent's restaurants and occasionally singing. Adam was promoted to captain on the police force before transferring back to the FBI.

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